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What You Must Know About Equine and Canine Posture.

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Dear Clients and Friends,

I  just returned from a hands-on education experience on Canine and Equine Postural Rehabilitation in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. Below is an article by Karen Gellman, DVM, PhD about equine posture. It will help you continue to increase your understanding of how your equine partners performs activities of daily living.
What You Must Know About Equine Posture
By Karen Gellman, DVM, PhD

Gravity. It’s not just a good idea... it’s the law! This goes for horses and dogs as well as people. Pretty much all activity on earth is influenced by gravity, and the forces generated by gravity are the primary source of most athletic injury. However, most injuries aren’t caused by running or jumping, as you would think.
They actually originate with how the person or animal uses their body while standing. In horses, this is especially critical, because they spend 20-22 hours a day standing: standing and eating, standing and sleeping or just plain standing.

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Judith Shoemaker, DVM examines for symmetrical features.

Dr. Lance making a friend before examination.

Karen Gellman, DVM, PhD  illustrates the proper way to trim the toe nail.

I would also like to invite you to visit our Equine Evaluation page as a helpful reminder to watch for proper equine biomechanics. Also, you are invited to visit our clients' page for the stretching video: username - equine and password - stretches.

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