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The Animal Cracker November 2008 Newsletter


Dear Clients,

There are new and exciting projects and educational experiences that are going to benefit you and your equine partners. Here are just two of them.

The Animal Cracker Chronicles

Animal chiropractor Lance E. Cleveland has roamed the country turning skeptics into believers with his methods for keeping animals in the best shape possible. In his new book, The Animal Cracker Chronicles, Cleveland showcases his clients, letting them tell of their observations and experiences both before and after they began utilizing his animal chiropractic services. Cleveland sets out to raise awareness with his stories of healing, hoping more people will come to realize the benefit of including chiropractic evaluation and treatment of their animals for optimal performance and quality of life, because as he says, "it takes a lot of pills to realign a horse's pelvis!"

Available in the spring of 2009, The Animal Cracker Chronicles is the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

Reserve your copy of The Animal Cracker Chronicles now!

The Naked Truth of Riding Symposium

The last weekend of October I attended a national symposium in Houston, TX, on horse and rider biomechanics featuring Dr. Hilary Clayton, Mary Wanless and international dressage rider, Heather Blitz.

Dr. Clayton has a PhD in Equine Biomechanics and is well known for her research at the McPhail Centre at Michigan State University, where she investigates the factors that contribute to lameness in dressage horses. She made the practical implications of her findings very clear, enabling riders and owners to make more informed choices about how they buy, keep and ride their horses. Her research ranged from the biomechanics of the stride, especially in collection and the advanced movements, to breakover, and the importance of foot balance. For good measure she added saddling and saddle pressure, rein tension, rider biomechanics, and footing.

Mary Wanless gave an introductory session in rider biomechanics, which showed us how to look at the rider/horse interaction through her eyes. By comparing the riding styles of four demonstration riders we saw how some of their patterns made the rider more or less effective.

A small amount of change to the riders showed us how potent correct biomechanics can be for the horse and rider. Heather Blitz rode some of the horses, and showed us how her exemplary biomechanics can work its magic on them. Her commentary, coupled with Mary's insights, made a potent mix that will reveal some of the hidden secrets of the world's best riders.

Mary Wanless and Heather Blitz demonstration. (Photo by Donna Snover)
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Dr. Lance E. Cleveland, DC, VCP, AVCA
Animal Chiropractor

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