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Evaluating Your Horse's Pelvis

             Before you begin your evaluation, you will need to find the pelvic region of your horse. It is located where it’s hind legs meet with the spine. If you are having trouble locating your horse’s pelvis, here is a diagram that can help.

            Once you have located the pelvis, you will want your horse to walk forward. You are looking for a teeter totter motion of the pelvis, with one pelvis clearing the horizon and the other sinking down below the horizon. This motion needs to be reciprocated on both sides symmetrically. If you notice this motion isn’t symmetrical, then there could be a pelvic issue with your horse.
            You will also want to evaluate your horse’s sacrum, which is the bone between the two pelvic bones. If you are having issues finding the sacrum, here is a diagram that can help.
           When your horse walks forward, you are looking for a swinging motion that symmetrically moves to the left of center, back to the center, then to the right of center. If you notice that these motions aren’t symmetrical, there could be an issue that needs medical attention.
            For more information about evaluating your horse for any issues, a video demonstration done by Dr. Cleveland can be found on our website. To schedule an appointment, visit our website: www.theanimalcracker.com.  

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