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Does your horse have difficulty getting up and down, neck restriction on one side, or just simply seem “off” to you? Usually, when your horse is in need of chiropractic evaluation, he or she displays back or neck pain, joint stiffness, or simply an overall poor performance.



Have you noticed that your horse…
  • Has ear shyness especially on one side?
  • Resents grooming in certain areas?
  • Has excessive and frequent back soreness?
  • Is tail swishing as in pain?
  • Has uneven gait?
  • Has difficulty with a lead or lead change?
  • Has lost power in the hind?
  • Has been “cinchy”?
  • Resents the saddle?
  • Drifts over jumps?                                                             
  • Is always moody?
  • Is unable to touch the chin to the base of the neck for a treat?
  • Is unable to evenly bend its neck to get a treat held at the point of its hips or shoulders?
  • Walks “funny”?




These regions in the diagram are the regions in your horse that Dr. Cleveland tends to focus in on, as they are the main problem areas.







Usually the horse has experienced a trauma, a period of inactivity, prolonged stall rest, or has been in acute or chronic pain due to protracted failed biomechanics. Frequently, by the time I am called in to evaluate a horse, it is experiencing a form of abnormal compensatory posture, (ACP), with associated back and pelvic pain. Prolonged compensations for ACP can eventually sub luxate knees, fetlocks, shoulders, etc. Compensatory fixations may have already developed in its poll, neck, spine, knees, rib cage, etc.
Chiropractic techniques supplement what medicine does; it provides an additional diagnostic approach. Chiropractic treatment helps to restore normal joint motion, reduces pain, and stimulates nerve reflexes to get your horse back to normal.
If your horse is experiencing any one of the symptoms listed above or has not had an evaluation in over a year, schedule an appointment with me for a chiropractic evaluation of your horse.

Thank you for your continued interest in animal chiropractic.


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