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Get the Details! What's in a Session?


As a client of Dr. Cleveland, you will receive a detailed report of his findings from each session. Dr. Cleveland breaks everything down so that it is easy to understand. Please see a portion of his Report of Findings below.



Dr. Cleveland’s chiropractic evaluation and treatment includes:


For New Patients


    • A description of the patient including:  name, age, gender, breed, color, and unique markings

History of the chief complaints including

    • Location, onset date, duration, exacerbations, and remissions, previous medical and chiropractic history. 
    • Handedness of the rider and the side of body the patient most frequently sleeps on.


For New and Established Patients


    • A brief updated history of the patient's activities and level of training since the previous consultation.
    • Observation of the patient's postural adaptation to the environment.
    • Static and motion palpation of the spine and primary musculoskeletal system
    • Spinal testing with the Activator (a chiropractic adjustment instrument)
    • Observation of movement at various gaits as needed to demonstrate soundness
    • Formulate a written assessment of my impressions as a result of the evaluation



    • Manual Adjustments of the spine and pelvic misalignments to reduce subluxations.
    • Determine Assignments needed for the client to perform between chiropractic visits to enhance the patient's optimal rehabilitation and performance.
    • Create a detailed written Report of Findings for the patient's chiropractic records.
    • Create a Summary of my Findings. If you would like a copy of the more detailed data recorded for my records, please give us a call.


Here is a summary of Dr. Cleveland's findings with one of his patients in Lafayette. Dr. Cleveland's reports make it easy to see improvement.




Julie Calzone's horse, Granite, visited Dr. Cleveland on July 18, 2016. The observations from the session included: cross unders having 50% hoof width disengagement across the midline on both the left and right hoofs, pelvic flexion being 2/3 on both the left and right, poll & cervical spine compensation, and the right pelvis was restricted in extension. He had improvements in hind, spine, pain, mobility, and strength. After given some exercises to do, Granite returned for a follow up session about a month later. His cross unders and pelvic flexion had remained the same and he had no back or pelvic pain! He also still had improvements in hind, spine, pain, and mobility.

Thank you for your continued interest in animal chiropratic.

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