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One Last Beautiful Ride.

One Last Beautiful Ride
Moving can be strenuous on anyone, including a horse, especially when a long distance move is involved. Kristen Becker, a 24 year old horse owner, knows all too well the complications that come along with big moves and horses. After moving from the Chicago area to Athens, GA, she noticed that her Dressage horse Reuben (registered under the name Ramses) was having difficulty doing different tasks for some aspects of the Grand Prix test. Not knowing of anyone to call in her new town, Becker turned to equestrian trainer Dan Burle, who suggested Dr. Lance Cleveland to her for chiropractic evaluation and treatment for Reuben.
Upon seeing the results of Reuben’s gait analysis performed by Burle, Becker saw red zones everywhere in her horse, including a knee injury and incorrect shoes. Dr. Cleveland began working with Reuben in the summer of 2013. By much surprise, Becker began noticing major improvements with Reuben just after two consultations with Dr. Cleveland. The work Dr. Cleveland performed eventually allowed Reuben to make it to the USEF National Championship last year. Becker fully believes that if it weren’t for the impeccable care and treatment of Dr. Cleveland, Reuben would have never made it as far as he did. She credits Dr. Cleveland for the success and progress she had with Reuben this past year.
Since then, Becker has used Dr. Cleveland for chiropractic needs for a few more of her horses, including her lifelong horse Frankentraum, nicknamed “Frankie”. According to Becker, before Dr. Cleveland began working with Frankie, she could no longer ride him due to shoulder bursitis. “Even a basic trot was too much for him to handle,” says Becker in regards to Frankie. To her great astonishment, after completing treatment with Dr. Cleveland, she was able to ride Frankie again, something she hadn’t been able to do in quite some time.

Unfortunately, both Reuben and Frankie passed away during a barn fire late January this year, along with two other of Becker’s horses and 14 other horses at the stables. When asked about the work Dr. Cleveland did with her horses, Becker states that she is “so appreciative of Dr. Cleveland. Because of his work, I was able to ride Frankie one last time before the accident, something I will always be thankful for.” Becker will be moving back to her roots in Chicago, and will unfortunately be too distant to continue working with Dr. Cleveland. But when asked about her overall experience working with him, she says that she would gladly recommend Dr. Cleveland to anyone in proximity to him.

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