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Equine & Canine Chiropractic Trophy Room: Fi Wirtes Can Fly.

Fi Wirtes

Fi first met Lance at 13 weeks of age.  She was a spunky, redheaded little Doberman girl that he would soon call the "Marlin” because of her vertical leaps on leash.  She was a wiggly handful at first but has blossomed into an experienced chiropractic patient.  I am a firm believer in chiropractic care for people so having my dogs see a chiropractor just made sense especially since I ask them to do agility. 
On occasion Fi has had lameness in her shoulder or stiffness in her lumbar or sacral areas as a result of working hard and playing hard. Fi has earned her Novice, Open and Excellent agility titles in both Standard and Jumpers.  She is currently working toward her Master Agility titles. Fi was also asked to be part of a training DVD on Running Contacts put out by a world-renowned trainer.  She has  shown in conformation (and is pointed) and is also in training for competition obedience.
Fi has been a joy to train though each and every milestone has taken work on both our parts. But that only adds to our relationship and sense of accomplishment.  Those things worked hardest for are the most valued!
We are always glad to have Lance come into town to help straighten things out!  His adjustments bring her back into balance and she is ready to go once more.  Thank you, Lance!
- Nell Wirtes


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