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Introducing the Equine and Canine Chiropractic Trophy Room


Introducing the Equine & Canine Chiropractic Trophy Room

A note from Dr. Lance E. Cleveland:

Chiropractic, in my experience, is not just a procedure, because living tissue is not a toggle switch to turn on and off. Injured living tissue contracts, atrophies, and tears, becomes irritated and inflamed, then as the fixations are reduced, lengthens, heals, and strengthens when the function is corrected... a process.

My Trophy Room is dedicated to clients who understand and include my protocol and their animal patients who have benefited from the process.

If you are a client with an animal in my animal chiropractic protocol and would like to submit your animal friend to be entered in my "Chiropractic: More Than a Procedure, It's a Process" Trophy Room newsletter series, please submit a brief bio and pictures to me at Process@TheAnimalCracker.com as soon as possible.

Get to know our first featured Trophy Room entrant: Pacifica and her human, Nell Wade, who won the Denise Arroyo-Arabella Memorial!

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