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Missing Persons Report: Fred

Missing Persons Report: Fred

Our dear friend Fred has a problem - he's missing a person!

AQHA Registered:  Hunters Charley  (Watch Joe Jack on the bottom)

Gelding, 6 yrs. old, 15 Hands, solid black with white star. 

Fred is an excellent trail horse and will cross anything; he is not easily spooked. He can adjust his pace to faster or slower horses.  He has had 30 days of reining training to develop better handle.  He is very smart and learns quickly.

Fred also loads and hauls well. He is very easy to groom and saddle and is not a problem to bathe, clip, or shoe.  He is very friendly and gentle, but Megan, his current person, doesn't think he's ready to be a kid's horse. Fred needs someone who is not a pushover, because he's smart enough to "buffalo" a very timid rider. 

Megan Sims is asking $2200. You can contact her at 601-433-3489. 

Please help us find a person for Fred!

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