Have you noticed that your horse...

  • Has difficulty getting up and down?
  • Has ear shyness (especially on one side)?
  • Resents grooming in certain areas?
  • Has neck restriction, especially to one side?
  • Has excessive and frequent back soreness?
  • Is tail swishing as in pain?
  • Has uneven gait?
  • Has difficulty with a lead, or lead change?
  • Has lost power in the hind?
  • Has been "cinchy"?
  • Resents the saddle?
  • Seems "off" but flexion test was normal?
  • Drifts over jumps?
  • Is always moody?
  • Is unable to touch the chin to base of the neck for a treat/
  • Is unable to evenly bend its nech to get a treat held at the point of its hips or shoulders?
  • Walks "funny"?

Has your horse gone longer than one year without a chiropractic evaluation?

If you have noticed even ONE of these findings, then a chiropractic evaluation may be needed for your horse.

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